EMF, EMR Reduction

EMF, EMR Reduction works to help people reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF , EMR) in their homes and businesses.  We do assessments of homes and businesses to identify sources of high electro magnetic radiation and suggest measures to reduce EMR exposure.

We measure for excessive electro magnetic radiation from AC electric fields, AC magnetic fields, Radio Frequency Radiation, DC electric fields and DC magnetic fields.  From this measurement assessment we develop an action plan to reduce excessive electro magnetic radiation in the living environment.

EMF, electro magnetic fields and  EMR. electro magnetic radiation are forms of energy that have both electrical and magnetic components and travel at the speed of light. 

Frequency is used to identify these forms of energy.  Like a wave on water has a wave length between crests, so do EMFs.  The frequency of a wave is the number of waves that are generated per second.

At very low frequencies the wave length is quite long and the energy in the wave is relatively weak.  As frequency increases the wave length becomes shorter and its energy becomes greater.  The total frequencies that make up EMFs and EMRs are called the electro magnetic spectrum.

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