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  • We help you create safer and healthier living and work environments by reducing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) to safer levels.
  • We locate Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitting  sources.
  • We suggest solutions that will reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), and help people implement these solutions.

EMF, Electro Magnetic Fields and EMR, Electro Magnetic Radiation are forms of energy with electrical and magnetic properties.  They travel at the speed of light and are defined by their unique frequencies.  All the frequencies that make up EMF, EMR are called the Electro Magnetic Spectrum.

Our Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) story:
After discovering that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) was the cause of my wife’s declining health, removal of EMR sources in our living environment became an immediate necessity.  In October of 2018 using EMR measuring meters we located EMR emitting sources.  We removed or reduced the EMR in our home to safe levels.  In the absence of EMR my wife continues to regain her health.  She told me that my new career was to help other people who where affected or suffering from EMR.  We are here to help people reduce EMR in their living and working  environment.

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