About EMF, EMR Reduction

My name is Arthur Kaliski, and this is the story that  brought me into this field of electro magnetic radiation reduction.

I received a chemistry degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.  I have  always been involved with energy conservation and the protection of the environment.  I am a past chair of the Long Island Sierra Group.  In 1997 my wife and I built a passive solar home in Amagansett, NY.  We designed it to be energy efficient, made use of natural light, built it where there is clean water and air. Over the last four years my wife’s health has been in decline.  She suffers digestive issues and extreme fatigue. After seeing many doctors and health practitioners, doing diet modifications etc., her health continued to decline.

In October 2018 I saw a video of Dr. Klinghardt in which he stated that excessive EMF would prevent sick people from getting well, and that until they were removed from the toxic EMF they would continue to be sick.   I had my “ah ha” moment. My wife was Electromagnet Hyper Sensitive (EHS).  We removed or turned off all Wi-fi and microwave generating equipment including wireless router, cordless phones, answering machine, wireless printers, computers, and flat screen TVs.   For all internet, telephone and printing we connected everything with cable.  We turned off the Wi-fi, bluetooth in our cars. The most important room of our home is our bedroom where our bodies rest and heal. We painted our bedroom walls to shield us from microwave energy from outside our home as well as EMF energy coming off our house electrical wiring.   My wife and I are starting to feel better.

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