Earths Natural EMF, EMR

Every living thing on this earth depends on  the earths natural EMF for their existence.  Without EMFs of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth life as we know it cannot exist.  Sunlight energy EMF is used for plants photosynthesis, and the bio rhythms of all pants and animals. The earths magnetic field interacts with magnetic sensitive biological systems in all animals.  Birds use the earths magnetic fields for their navigation.  Bees also use these magnetic fields to navigate between sources of pollen and their hives.  The earth has a frequency of 7.8 hertz ( 7.8 waves per second).  The absence of this frequency affects the biology of all living things.

Man made EMFs and EMRs over power the earths natural EMF.  Man made EMFs and EMRs are damaging the natural biological function in plants and animals.  Microwave radiation (cell phones and wi-fi) disrupt our bodies circadian rhythm, it makes our body react as if it were still daytime when it is night.  Our pineal gland senses the microwave energy at night as if it were sunlight and stops melatonin production. Melatonin is the strongest antioxidant our body makes, and is vital for the body to heal and fight cancers and disease.  Man made EMFs and EMRs disrupts birds and bees ability to navigate using the earths magnetic field.  EMFs are the main reason for honey bee colony collapse. Birds feathers act as antennas absorbing EMFs, resulting in bird population drastic decline.  Insects are very sensitive to man made EMFs which is responsible for  the collapse of insect population.

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