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An Electronic Silent Spring

“What is EMR?  Society receives profound benefits from electronics. Unfortunately, many technologies (i.e. cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi and smart meters) emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that can harm human health and wildlife. Katie Singer’s An Electronic Silent Spring encourages recognition that EMR can harm. This site offers protective solutions for public health and our ecosystem.”

Bio Initiative 2012 (updated 2014-2019)

“Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Bioeffects can occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use. Bioeffects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposures can result in illness.”

Cellular Phone Task Force

“The Cellular Phone Task Force is a nonprofit membership organization. It was founded in July 1996 in response to the health and environmental threats posed by the launch of the wireless revolution in the United States.

Since 1996, the Task Force has provided a global clearinghouse for information about wireless technology’s injurious effects, and a national support network for people injured or disabled by electromagnetic fields.”

Create Your Healthy Home

May Dooley, EnviroHealth Consulting. Inc.

An Environmental Home Inspection expert, including indoor air quality, checking for mold, Improving indoor water quality, Reducing EMFs and home energy issues. May Dooley’s web site is a great place to seek more knowledge about creating a healthy home.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health,  University of California, Berkeley

Tips to Reduce Your Wireless Radiation Exposure.Mobile Phone Health Effects. Key Cell Phone Radiation Research Studies. Scientific Evidence of Harm from Cell Phone Radiation: Two Years of Research.”


“EMF Warriors is a global movement of concerned citizens who realise modern electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are not native to this earth (nnEMFs). These nnEMFs are completely foreign to human biology and are wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of our families and our planet.”

Environmental Health Trust

“Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research, education, and policy. We are the only nonprofit organization in the world that carries out cutting edge research on environmental health hazards and also works directly with communities, health and education professionals, and policymakers to understand and mitigate these hazards.”

International Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

What is not widely acknowledged is that this will also result in unprecedented environmental change on a global scale. The planned density of radio frequency transmitters is impossible to envisage. In addition to millions of new 5G base stations on Earth and 20,000 new satellites in space, 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, will be part of the Internet of Things by 2020, and one trillion objects a few years later

Less EMF

Source of shielding clothing.

Building Biology Institute

Our mission, now in its 32nd year, is to help create healthy homes, schools, and workplaces free of toxic indoor air, tap-water pollutants, and hazards posed by electromagnetic radiation.

Physicians for Safe Technology

“We are a group of physicians and health professionals whose mission is to provide trusted leadership in promoting, healthy and safe environments through the safer use of technology at home, in schools, in the workplace, in healthcare settings and in communities.”


“We join together as physicians, scientists and educators to express our concern about the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy and to urge pregnant women to limit their exposures.”

Micro Wave News

“For more than 35 years, Microwave News has been reporting on the potential health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields and radiation. We are widely recognized as a fair and objective source of information on this controversial subject.”


“We live in a sea of artificially-produced electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  The energy we produce powers the conveniences of modern life, but it also affects our health in a number of ways.  Because we did not evolve along with these EMFs, we have not adapted to them physiologically.  Not only are humans adversely affected, but so are all the forms of life with which we share the planet.”

Safe Living Technologies

Source of EMF meters, shielding, remote circuit shut off switch and more.
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WiFi in Schools, WiFi in Schools,

“This website is dedicated to helping the public realize that wireless internet, or WiFi, emits radiation that causes a myriad of serious health effects, including damage to DNA, cancer, and infertility. Research shows that autism, ADHD, and other behavioral problems are also associated with wireless radiation exposure. Many scientific and medical experts have issued warnings because of the evidence before them.”

Wireless Education Action , Dr. Martin Pall

“Wireless Education Action is composed of citizens, volunteers, parents, scientists, and medical professionals who are concerned about the health effects of wireless radiation. You may believe that wireless technologies – cellphone towers and Wi-Fi, smart phones, tablets, smart meters and appliances, etc…are safe but the fact is thousands of peer-reviewed studies say they are not.”

5G AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS delineates nine areas in which 5G and the IoT will adversely impact us all. These are Health, Environment, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Energy, Brains and Humanity, E-waste, Conflict Minerals, and Ethics.”

Dr, Magda Havas, PhD.

“The Electromagnetic Spectrum – Simplified
Welcome to my personal website – dedicated to the study of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).”

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